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Key activity areas of our Company: Legal support of business activity of legal entities:

Legal issues related to corporate governance:
    • Establishment and liquidation of legal entities, corporate restructuring;

    • Corporate disputes;

    • Corporate law transactions

Legal issues related to functioning of securities market:
    • Transactions with bills of exchange and promissory notes;

    • Transactions with bonds;

    • Transactions with shares;

    • Activity of stock market professional participants

Legal issues related to investment activity:
    • Effectuation and termination of foreign investments;

    • Joint venture;

    • Participation in an enterprise (establishment and acquisition of operating enterprise);

    • Transactions with movables and immovables.

Legal issues related to foreign economic activity:
    • Export, import of commodities, services and capitals;

    • Transactions with customer-owned raw materials;

    • Currency operations and currency control;

    • Securities trading.

Legal issues related to intellectual property:
    • Copyrights and allied rights;

    • Trademarks, patents, know-hows;

    • Operations with IP

Legal issues related to labour relations:

    • Conclusion of employment contracts and agreements;

    • Dismissal of employees;

    • Labour disputes

Legal issues related to debt recovery:
    • Claim-related work;

    • Legal support of enforcement proceedings;

    • Legal support and participation in enterprise bankruptcy proceedings.

Legal issues related to taxation of legal entities:
    • Legal problems of tax liabilities formation;

    • Taxation of non-residents;

    • Tax disputes with revenue authorities.

Legal issues related to land entitlement:
    • Transactions with property and land certificates;

    • Land lease;

    • Land transfer transactions;

    • Mortgage.

Legal issues related to litigation:
    • Claim-related work;

    • Representation in proceedings before the courts;

    • Execution of judicial decisions.